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The Per4mance team have a great team of song writers who have worked with many big names including, Andrea Corr, Leo Sayer and have written scores for The Dacinci Code album. They have been involved in manyalbum cover original film scores and theatre productions and will now bring thier talent to our students. This is invaluble experience to all who have a passion for writing songs. Students taking the this course will get involved with writing songs for our shows which is exciting because after you have written the words and designed the music, the orchestra then learns the tracks then the singers and the icing on the club celticacake is sitting at the show watching your work come to life, it is the most amazing feeling of satisfaction that you will get. So get on board and join this team of songwriters for this new exciting stage school, where you will learn all about the indusrtry and the tricks to get you ahead of the rest. We will also produce an album for the shows every year where you will get a name check on the albums. This is a great product for your CV Showreel and will help you get established as a songwriter. Marc Andrew has said "Copywrite is a powerful thing and can make you a steady income. I have had numerous songs that I have created put on albums that make me money every 3 months from PRS. You create a song and years later your still getting paid for it. Thats the power of Copywrite. This is of coarse unless your Paul McCartney who makes over 10 Million a year in copywrite".

So get writing and we'll see you budding songwriters soon.


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